Construction Staging

In order to accommodate traffic safety and efficient construction, construction staging is required to facilitate the proposed improvements. The following impacts to traffic are anticipated:

  • The total number of existing lanes of traffic is anticipated to be maintained in the Highway 401 eastbound Collectors.
  • The Collector to Express Transfer at Highway 404/DVP Interchange will be reduced to one lane for two construction stages (one construction season).
  • The DVP south – Highway 401 eastbound Collector Ramp will be reduced to a single lane for one stage (half of the construction season).
  • Nighttime lane closures are anticipated to be required for construction operations.
  • Ramps are anticipated to remain open at all times with the following exceptions:
    • Weekend closure of the Leslie south – 401 east Ramp;
    • Weekend closure of the Leslie north – 401 east Ramp;
    • Nighttime closures (as required).
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