Recommended Plan

The recommended plan for the Rehabilitation of the Highway 401 eastbound Collectors from Avenue Road to Warden Avenue under G.W.P. 2030-01-00 is anticipated to be constructed over a four year period starting May 2022 subject to the availability of funding, provincial priorities, and the receipt of all required permits/approvals.  Construction staging and potential nighttime closures will be utilized to facilitate the proposed improvements and minimize impacts to area traffic and safety. The total number of existing lanes of traffic are anticipated to be maintained in the Highway 401 eastbound collectors with the exception of temporary nighttime closures. Access to the Leslie Street interchange ramps will also remain open with the exception of temporary weekend and nighttime closures as required. In addition to the Leslie Street Interchange reconstruction, sections of the existing noise barriers from east of Bayview Avenue to west of Leslie Street Interchange, as well as west of Warden Avenue and east of Victoria Park, will be replaced with a new barrier.

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